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Summary of the project “E+ Round-Trip Online Preparation for Young People”

This project is the third part of a trilogy which started with The suitcase, the map and the voyage of a youth worker” which had great positive results in terms of indicators, continued with “Online Training Courses for E+ Youth Workers” in order to arrive now to a more modern, dynamic, committed and professional environment and takes the results on a higher level and connects them with young people as well.

The partnership is set to create an increased capacity and new level of work professionalism at EU/international level in the field of youth.

In order to achieve these goals, 3 main objectives have been set for 2 years of the project:

    1. Exploration by 150 young people of an online pre-departure training built for future European volunteers
    2. Improving the preparation for potential future youth exchanges of 150 youngsters - participants in a dedicated online course
    3. Increase the valorization capabilities of 150 people - participants in the proposed online module and potential participants in experiences abroad

These online tools that are to be developed in the project will be integrated in an online learning platform and will include at least the following items:

      • Introductory assessment - compulsory for participants before starting the course
      • Map/Mind map/Graph with the main aspects/topics to be considered for preparation
      • Theoretical part for each chapter in the form of an e-book
      • Short movies explaining the theory, making it more attractive
      • A catalogue with real-life examples emphasizing how new knowledge can be applied
      • Minimum bibliography to consult - websites with text/video, talks, online free books, etc. - providing links to resources to read/watch
      • Missions/Tasks to be done in order to apply the theory of the module/chapter - supplementary work for the participant – to do research, to apply, to create, to transfer into practice what has been learned
      • Final assessment - as part of the assessment and evaluation process
      • Badge award
      • The feedback questionnaires
      • Peer evaluation
      • Team work
      • Presentation area
      • Forum

In terms of developed competences, each course/module on the learning platform will have main competences associated, i.e. by successfully completing modules, participants will develop/acquire certain competences. Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive an online certificate stating the main themes/activities covered and the acquired competences.

The main beneficiaries of these online tools will be 450 young people considering having an experience abroad - European volunteering, youth mobility, repatriates. They will be provided necessary orientation and training to get the most out of their international experience, as follows: 150 participants in the first online training course will develop competences necessary in European volunteering experiences; 150 participants in the second online training course will develop competences necessary in contexts like youth exchanges; 150 participants in the third online course will develop competences necessary in managing reverse culture shock and giving valorization to their international experience after coming back to the sending country. In the long run, they can make use of their newly acquired knowledge and skills in future endeavours involving intercultural events and activities.

The E+ ROUND TRIP” platform, hosting innovative and practical online tools for orientation and preparation, useful in all kinds of projects devoted to working with youth (youth exchanges, European volunteering) will also function as database for future actions. This online platform will use participatory approaches and ICT-based methodologies to create or improve processes of recognition and validation of competences of young people.

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